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can anyone tell me if i should go with this choice of tire size i have 15x8 steel rims running 31x10.5x15 and considering 33x12.5x15 will these fit my rims as the local tire company insists i buy new rims
tire choices are
federal couragia mt
micky thompson claws
kumo mt
hercules trail diggers mt
help needed to make best choice
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have you considerd maxxis treppadoors? there not too lound on the road, bag nicly and clear well in sticky stuff iv been using them for almost 2 years and love em. defenatly be buying another set
Not a option, they don't make 33, its pity because lots wish that they did.

Megmar Maxxis Bighorns are great performer and they are cheap $230 for 33x12.5 15R.
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