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Todays Poo stain...

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Mate said bloke was eaten there few years back..

THREE shaken boys have been reunited with their parents after a harrowing rescue from a known crocodile haunt in Kakadu.

The children, aged seven, nine, and 11, were in the car with their uncle and grandmother when they became stranded in the middle of the East Alligator River while trying to cross at night.

They got stuck almost at the same spot where Jabiru storeman Kerry McLoughlin, 40, was decapitated by a 5.1m crocodile when wading in the water in 1987.

The family was on the way to the remote Ramingining community about 450km east of Darwin when their white Toyota Landcruiser was swept from Cahill's Crossing causeway by a 0.7m tide at about 7.40pm on Tuesday.

The four-wheel drive was teetering halfway into the fast-flowing water, caught in boulders alongside the causeway.

Police were called and rangers were forced to launch a boat to pull the family to safety. Brevet Sergeant Adam Russell said there were a few salties at the crossing at the time and the rescue had to happen quickly. He said the incident could have turned into a nightmare.

"That was silly," he said. "Given the dangerous condition of the crossing, the driver shouldn't have gone through." The 51-year-old uncle who was behind the wheel was summonsed for driving without a license.

It is believed East Alligator rangers had told him the road was not passable when he asked them before reaching the crossing.

But, upon arrival, the man's mother on the front passenger seat allegedly said it was her country and he would be fine to pass.

Sgt Russell said the four-wheel drive was left in the river overnight because the tide was too high and there were too many crocs.

He said rangers helped police to retrieve the vehicle yesterday afternoon when the floodwaters subsided.

The car was still working but had to be towed to Gunbalanya about 240km east of Darwin for minor repairs.

In biting distance | News | NT News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia |
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Isn't that

Isn't that dangerous driving?

I recon he should be done for dangerous driving as it was driving that put others lives at risk.

Cheers Gordo'
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