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Towing and rated chains and shackles?

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Hi All,
At work we are currently looking into VicRoads, ADR, Australian Standards and Legislation in regards to plant.

One hot topic is trailers and wheather or not they need rated chains and shackles connecting them to the tow vehicle. We (and subcontractors) have alot of plant trailers (ie. 3.5-4t execavator/machine) and have been auditing all plant to ensure there is conformance with all applicable legislation in Victoria.

I thought some people might be interested in the following VSI bulletins from VicRoads. I think all 5 of my trailers at home do not meet the standards. Also I need to confirm this, but any rated chains and shackles are supposed to be inspected on a 12 month basis by a qualified person or something?
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Yes there are standards up here in QLD atleast where we have moved to VSB1 (Vechile Standards Bulletin 1) National Code of Practice for Building of small trailers that do not exceed 4.5tonnes.

AS4177.4 for the safety chain

AS2741 for the shackle.

Link: Vehicle Standards Bulletin VSB1

I recently had to design a small trailer for work (though not small by what was towing it) and this is what I went from. As for yearly testing of the safety chains I made a call not to as the trailer isnt registered and the chain breaking load is 6 times that of the trailer mass and travels at max 10 km/hr. Your circumstances may dictate otherwise as a road registered trailers, I would request a written letter from your state OHS agency clarifying thier position on the issue.

Also a possible heads up on another issue, restraining of loads in utilities and on trailers. Have a look at what are "rated" tie down points, "rated" restraining straps ect. Absolute legal minefield.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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