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Towing and rated chains and shackles?

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Hi All,
At work we are currently looking into VicRoads, ADR, Australian Standards and Legislation in regards to plant.

One hot topic is trailers and wheather or not they need rated chains and shackles connecting them to the tow vehicle. We (and subcontractors) have alot of plant trailers (ie. 3.5-4t execavator/machine) and have been auditing all plant to ensure there is conformance with all applicable legislation in Victoria.

I thought some people might be interested in the following VSI bulletins from VicRoads. I think all 5 of my trailers at home do not meet the standards. Also I need to confirm this, but any rated chains and shackles are supposed to be inspected on a 12 month basis by a qualified person or something?
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I just thought some backyard trailer makers and owners of caravans, floats, tandem trailers, might just want to know. :D
Maybe non-destructive, x-ray, visual, ultrasonic, something testing? To check for cracks or fatigue?
We have our chains tagged now. They are the same types of tags as what the council give you for pet registration.
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