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Hi all,
Ive heard that the transfer cases are supposed to be the same for all GU models
but i just wanted confirmation with anyone who has rebuilt some of them.

Ive been chasing vibration issues for quite some time now and while ive spent lots of $$$$ fully rebuilding tail shafts, rebuilding diffs, aligning pinions next on the list is the transfer case which has done 240k and has a fair amount of backlash and chain noise.

I have a 4.8 series 3 and while its clear the difference to the diesels is it doesnt have the shaft drum brake is the rear housing a different length to compensate for lack of the dum assessembly or does the auto 5 speed make up the extra length?

I want to buy a working transfer case and swap it in so i can rebuild my current one and cant afford to be without a car but every case ive seem 2nd hand is from a zd30.

I asked some parts dealers about differences a while ago(nizzbits etc) and there is indeed some different part numbers for the chains and bearings but have never examined either the diesel or 4.8 tcase parts to see if they are physically different or just maybe different tolerances or larger load rated etc.

Any info would be great

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All the GU transfer cases are interchangeable.

I have fitted normal transfer case handbrakes to 4.8 transfer, the bolt holes are there so it all goes straight on.

I have also fitted different complete GU transfers to my 4.8. Only difference being the little speedo sensor. Different transfercases from different models have a different speedo pickup gear, so if your speedo is currently pretty spot on I'd swap this too whilst your at it, one one bolt to swap.
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