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Transmission issue

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I know there is a search function on here(used it, didn't find what i need).

My trans (or maybe the electrical system controlling it) has developed a fault.

Now, it is a new (fully rebuilt) trans that was in 100% cond until about 2-3 months ago.

It wouldn't stay in lock up (but it never has, before the new trans and after) so i had a lock up switch fitted and everything was ok; then, around 2 ish months ago, it started dropping out of overdrive at around 45-50kph (at light throttle). It will sometimes drop back in but, mostly, once out, it refuses to drop back in and i have to pull over, turn off truck and once i start it again, its back to working (for a while).

I tried to check the code today but it just came up with Lock up fault (well, i know this, but that's been wrong ever since i got it).

I am thinking TPS or trans ECU intermittent fault, but i don’t have access to a spare ECU and Nissan want $350 for a new TPS...

Anyone experienced this and know what will fix it (or have some suggestions)?
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I suppose i should ask (expecting the answer no) if there are any club members in Palmerston North, NZ?

Specifically, with either a spare ECU or TPS i could make use of...
Yeah, and when i go through the diagnostic, it gives a long blink on number 7 (Lock up) but i already know this is not working. It's the newer slipping out of overdrive i'm trying to find the fault for but no code for that...

Does anyone know if there is a way of electronically checking the TPS off the truck (not the factory diagnostic)...
Ok, it did it agin at lunchtime, so i pulled over and did the diagnostic thingy...Held flash number 8 (Transmission fluid temp sensor).

Anyone know how much for one of these?

Also, when i ran over a decent pot hole (our roads are crap) it flicked back into overdrive for a bit then back out again...maybe a loose conection on this circuit...

Does anyone know if the fluid temp sensor would stop it going into overdrive?
Well, after all but not having an overdrive for most of yesterday, i took it to the local trans specialist (on advce from a local 4X4 shop); the guy said it did sound like the temp sensor and that they did quite a few of them.

He fitted a resister (to fool the trans ECU into thinking the temp sensor is all good), and what do you know, all day (and it's been hot here), in traffic, open road and no dropping out of overdrive...

Only cost $20 too...fingers crossed...;)
Couple of days now, plenty of driving (in traffic and open road) and it's still working well.

Guess it was the sensor.
Over three weeks now and still good...
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