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Turbo Glide System

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Hello Again,

is there anyone running this system

Turbo-Glide: Nissan Patrol GQ Turbo Kit fitted

I like the idea of the High mount and it looks neat and minimal..

Does not seem to have huge power increase's compared to some other turbo systems.

Just wanted some opinions..


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i got one today for me to fit up over the next couple of weeks. im gonna play it by year with the battery but im going to try make a shield and cold air intake setup for it.
i agree though the dump looks a tad restrictive but il make one up which will solve that issue. and eventually cool it and replace the standard precleaner setup with it.
looking at it on the floor it looks a very neat and easy kit to install. i reckon if it wasnt for the inline pump throttle body on the intake manifold it would be bolted up in a couple of hours max.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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