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Turbo Glide System

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Hello Again,

is there anyone running this system

Turbo-Glide: Nissan Patrol GQ Turbo Kit fitted

I like the idea of the High mount and it looks neat and minimal..

Does not seem to have huge power increase's compared to some other turbo systems.

Just wanted some opinions..


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gday alooke,
ive had the turboglide kit for 18 months and cannot praise it enough. Really easy to fit and good power increase even before i fitted intercooler and 3" zorst. Havent had any issues with heat but im running a turbo blanket. As far as dump pipes are concerned i got a stainless 3" dump pipe for a silvia and it fitted fine just had to cut off the flange. Well worth the money and definately a kit to consider
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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