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Turbo Location

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Not very useful on a 4wd that you intend on drowning but for other tarmac bound cars what do you think about this

Squires Turbo Systems - Turbocharged Innovation!

was thinking about this for another car of mine that has little space left in the engine bay and have a turbo already but thought i read somewhere that the turbo's they use are spec'd for rear mount. what would be different?
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Interesting, and I aint no thermodynamics engineer, but I was always of the understanding that the "airflow itself" doesn't "spin" the turbine wheel? I was always let to believe that the "heat" in the airflow and the cooling helped spin the turbine wheel?

Correct me if I'm wrong? But if I am right, wouldn't moving the turbo away from the heat remove some of the spooling effect? But I have seen a VL commie at the local sprints with a turbo behind the passenger seat and it went alright?

Maybe I am wrong, but trucks have heaps of room, so why don't they mount their turbo away from the motor, in the rear of the chassis where airflow can help "cool" the turbo down?

I am now curious?????
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