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Turbo or not to turbo

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I have a gq 4.2 petrol goes well on its own but with camper trailor it lags on hills:( I was toying with the idea of turbo, nothing huge but just enough to bring it back to life, when required. Has anyone done something like this or am I wasting my time:headwall:. I know a diesel would be the go but I have this for now. Steve
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Bugger what old chuck can do ,
What about ol Mad Max and the blown Falcon !!!

Superchargers of a switch,oh the magic of tellie

They work in different ways,blowers are crank driven, turbos not
Many advantages/disadvantages of either

What power out put are we talkin and for what outlay would be the crust of the question
How often do ya tow loaded,how much power extra do ya need,how much do ya have to spend

If ya think the TB42 lags loaded up hills feel sorry for our smaller engined brothers
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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