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Turbo or not to turbo

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I have a gq 4.2 petrol goes well on its own but with camper trailor it lags on hills:( I was toying with the idea of turbo, nothing huge but just enough to bring it back to life, when required. Has anyone done something like this or am I wasting my time:headwall:. I know a diesel would be the go but I have this for now. Steve
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G'day , the notion that a diesel will not loose speed on hills etc I wish were true. a couple of weekends ago I was towing a trailer , had a huge head wind and had four adults in the car on a big hill doing 60 km/hr.:headwall:
Turbo diesel td 42, but to its defence the boost was only set to 4 psi, and needs to be dynoed etc intercooled

So either way, petrol and diesel, your tryng to push probably 4 ton up a steep hill, so on the flat with no head wind , your vehicle needs to doing it at probably 50% capacity so there is plenty in reserve when theload doubled etc. I didn't do any calculations, any engineer could determine work involved to lift 4 tonne 1000 feet etc. At 100kmhr most of the engines power is going into overcoming wind resistance ,

Mind you a week later, with 8psi of boost , no trailer, a slight tailbreeze and cool damp wet weather and only me in the car I was still doing 110 km/hr at the top of most of them. :D

I have another gq with a tb42 , and if money wasn't an issue , I be researching a Sprintex supercharger or similar.

Cheers Greg
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People have done it, FYI one bloke on here has one turbo and one blown, he has said many times, go to with the turbo over the blower.
Yeah but in one of my favourite Chuck Norris movies he buried in his fourby and he starts the engine and hits the supercharger button and hes gone!:)

I'm sure mythbusters would some reason why it couldn't happen.
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