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OK folks so I am FINALLY coming to my senses and switching over from my older Pajero to a NISSAN PATROL and will be taking delivery in a couple of weeks. Pajero was great for what it was but yes I agree its NO NISSAN PATROL :)

Anyway, i am looking for some advice on tires for the vehicle. I do not want to lift the vehicle but want to put 305/65R17 tires on it. Do you see ANY issues with doing so. I have researched several forums and seems like they should fit no problem even without a lift. Is that correct?

Secondly what would be the best place for me to look for such a tire in Melbourne and what are some average prices for such a tire? Is there much difference between 285/70R17 vs 305/65R17 as far as look and feel? I definitely would prefer the 305s though and hope to fit it to my vehicle without need for a lift.

Appreciate any help you can provide.
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