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I'm aware there have been numerous discussions about tyres.

Just looking for comments on recent tyre buyers.

I've just about run down a full set (5) Mickey Thompson ATZ 4 rib (LT265/70/17) done 85,000 and counting down. I have been very very happy with their performance.

Contacted a couple of dealers to replace them and told the replacement are ATZ P3's and all three dealers in Sydney Metro area and they want $435 per tyre.

This is a little more than I want to pay I don't care how good they say they area.

Please reply with possible alternatives.


Type (AT / MUD):


Expected mileage:


Dealer location:

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Go to and look up your tyres. Then do a currency conversion to see if it's worth the effort (freight was around $600 for four tyres the last time I imported a set).

If the dollars look good, find a tame local tyre shop that is happy to fit tyres that they haven't sold you.

Then go go go :)

The Aussie dollar was at $1.09 the last time I did this, and I was buying 17" KM2s which were sold out in Oz anyway, but I bought 8 tyres and saved nearly a grand... obviously the exchange rate has changed since then but Tirerack does some great deals from time to time.

If the total for the tyres (excluding freight) is over $1k you can split the order into two sets of two tyres, Tirerack are cool with this and it doesn't add much to the freight cost. And my tyres arrived a week after my international money transfer (via netbank) went through.
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