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UHF install on a GU

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So, I've recently made the purchase of a GU for the purpose of taking it to the beach as well as offroading. I figured the best addition for my car before heading off on either endeavor would be a UHF since communication seems to be fairly important.

So I've already hunted around the internet on how to install the antennae and am fairly alright with that aspect and the basic cable routing except my main concern is with passing the cables through the engine bay firewall as well as getting power to the main unit. On top of that, since the previous owner of the Patrol had already done some head unit mods and installed a new sound system and player I'm stumped in terms of mounting locations for the main UHF unit.

The patrol I own is an 04 GU wagon with ZD30DDTI engine and manual transmission, so the clutch plate method recommended by others wouldn't work.

I'm a complete amateur in terms of car modifications so I kind of lack any technical know how (please do be patient)
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Yep there s a decent grommet on each side of the engine bay. it was mentioned in a topic onyl a few days ago for someone else. Not sure if in the electrical or general section but they are in the corner of the firewall about a foot down on each side. There is also one up high behind the motor in the middle of the firewall.

Type of unit is personal choice as hey hey has indicated. If you have or want to change to a single DIN headunit you can fit the UHF in the second DIN slot in the dash. You can get just about any unit you like and screw the mounting bracket into the dash wherever you see a suitable space. I have used good double sided tape or velcro in days gone by to stick one to the dash above the knee, that was the days before remote and small units and I don't like holes in the trim. There are some quite small units these days that will fit nearly anywhere, GME do one with a red body, a 3350 from memory. They also do that one as a plug and play unit if you don't want it in all the time. It comes with a suction cup mount, cig plug power etc. Then you have the remote units that have a control box you mount away with a small control panel you put in a small convenient spot or step up again and you have the controls on the mic so you have a control box to hide away and then you just need the mic somewhere handy. The hideaway unit can go anywhere. Behind the bottom of the middle dash area, up under the dash somewhere, under the centre console, under a seat even. Power well that can be just about anything. You can run live power in through the grommet from the battery, you can find it in a couple of spots inside depending on your skill level. Easiest for a novice though I think is taking it from the cig lighter power. It's not what I like but it's easy and will get you going and then later when you get into your accessories a bit more and get a bit of experience you can do it right. Many bring a power source in to a distribution fuse box and then run a few accessories off that. However you do it don't use riduculously small wiring and always use a fuse.

Get it running off the cig power and then enjoy. Start reading the tips in the electrical section and then later you can decide whether to do it better or not.

If you use the google search top left you might see some UHF install locations but really there are heaps of places depending on your budget, skill level and level of boganess eg how much you care about neatness and hacking your new car up etc.

Mine is in an overhead console on the roof designed specifically for such purpose. In my old 4.8 years ago I got the smallest unit at the time (there are smaller now) and stuck it above left knee with heavy duty velcro. In a Jeep I used good quality double sided tape to hold a brake controller in same place and if you do it right, prep right, they stick like poo to a blanket. The UHF for the Jeep was a hideaway with full controls on the mic which just hung over the steering wheel adjuster knob or sat on the centre console.
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Eventually it could but you can put some wiring conduit over it to protect it and also make the install neater. You can get a corrugated split conduit or for not much more a nylon braided one which would look better in your scenario.

However an impressive amount of wire can be passed through those grommets and it has been discussed a couple of times.

If you really aren't that confident or competent (no offence meant) then why don't you consider something like this.

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