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UHF install on a GU

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So, I've recently made the purchase of a GU for the purpose of taking it to the beach as well as offroading. I figured the best addition for my car before heading off on either endeavor would be a UHF since communication seems to be fairly important.

So I've already hunted around the internet on how to install the antennae and am fairly alright with that aspect and the basic cable routing except my main concern is with passing the cables through the engine bay firewall as well as getting power to the main unit. On top of that, since the previous owner of the Patrol had already done some head unit mods and installed a new sound system and player I'm stumped in terms of mounting locations for the main UHF unit.

The patrol I own is an 04 GU wagon with ZD30DDTI engine and manual transmission, so the clutch plate method recommended by others wouldn't work.

I'm a complete amateur in terms of car modifications so I kind of lack any technical know how (please do be patient)
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Okay, so I've done some digging around in the footwell on the driver side since well the battery is closer to there. I managed to find one of the grommets on one side but the other side is blocked by some thing in the engine (no idea, probably very obvious what it is), but my concern is the gauge of the wire and whether or not it can fit through the grommet.

I'm considering installing the unit just with tape or something to the center dash and then calling it a day and plugging an adapter into the front of the Cig to save the pain of pulling apart the plastic cover of the center console. Since the car wont fir in the garage, would the sun gradually degrade the plastics covering the wires in the back of the unit?
You must be hitting the brake booster.

The drivers side grommet will take a fair bit of wires through it, i took the failry thik wire for my amp.

Recently I managed to get the GME FM antenna wire through the passenger side fender and through the passesnger side door harness into the radio area.
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