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Ungrateful low lifes

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Just read this on 4wd action and had to post it up.

Hi guys & gals in 4x4 land what happened to me last weekend north of Brissy has near put me off 4x4's & I am telling the story in the hope that it doesnt happen to anyone else.

Whilst travelling home to the Gold Coast from a Bundaberg funeral last Saturday I was stuck in traffic due to wet weather accidents on the highway near ( i think its called ) White Horse Mountain. Listening on the uhf i heard a couplke of lads has gottern themselves stuck down on the side tracks, seeing as the traffic was at a stand still i decided to drop down onto the tracks myself & help the guys out.
I found them along the tracks in a GQ Patrol stuck down all 4's on the chassis on a tricky corner, after assessing the situtation I broke out the recovery gear to get the guys out ( high lift, turffer, snatch straps etc ). After about 2 hrs we got the guys out of the bog which i then had to get through to get back to the highway, I picked a line that I would take & asked the guys in the Patrol to position there truck in a way that if the rear of my 80 series droped into the hole i could winch myself out on their truck.
Well yep the back of mine slid into the hole & by the time i had gottern out to grab the winch cable the little *****s had grabbed all my recovery gear thrown it intop their Patrol & pissed off leaving me stuck in the mud. This good deed that i was doing has cost me the majority of my recovery gear & a lot of confidence in wanting to stop & help people stuck on the side of the road for the fear of it happening again.
I know that all 4x4 people are like this but it is always the few bad apples that spoil the bunch.

thankyou for listening to my vent.

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Thats just disgusting. I hope the dude got the rego of these pieces of **** and asked the police if he could be so nice as to "give back something they left behind"....get their address and blow their house up.....

If the scum is on this forum, well, karma is coming to you, if not already :D
i cant believe anybody would do that to someone that just helped them. its for this reason i dont let my missus pick up hitch hikers
glort said:
I just can't fathom how you could have someone come help you for 2 hours and then even think of doing something like that.
Does my head in trying to understand it.
x eleventybillion

hopefully someone in the area will see their mates with a bunch of new gear and smash them over the head with the highlift until they are eating thru a straw for the rest of their lives so they cant breed.
dude that sucks! if you need a hand hunting them down count me in!!
What's the world coming to.

Hope too, he got their rego.

It's the type of thing that does stop people helping others.
What's the world coming to.

Hope too, he got their rego.

It's the type of thing that does stop people helping others.
it really sucks that the kids these days dont have any morals...especially its one of those unwritten codes of helping out a fellow 4wder that is stuck....
I'm on that forum too, might ask him for a description of the GQ. Maybe someone here knows the vehicle or the driver.
If the owner is on here you know who you are :rolleyes:
What a low act! What goes around.............................
I'd guess it was a stolen patrol, they were joy riding in it, and they'd they sweeten the deal with some free recovery gear..
Just noticed the guy posted this yesterday:

Hi Guys, once again thanks to everyone for there support regarding this matter, I have an update on the situtation the police have charged 2 guys with theft & they will be appearing in court in early December. Unfortunatly my recovery gear is done for ( snatch strap broken & it's got me buggered how do you bend the upright on a high lift jack ) but at least something has been done about it. My lovely wife is going to replace my jack when she re-subscribes to the 4wd action magazine & my kids gave me a new snatch strap last week. So all good to hit the tracks again real soon & yes i will stop to help again i'll just be a bit more picky so to speak .... lol. Once again thanks to everyone & hope to see you on the tracks.
That is just pathetic!

I really can't stand people doing such things to other people and their property and I guess one of the worst things for someone like me (P plater, age 18) is that now everyone assumes that all 'young kids' are like this. I would gladly help a fellow 4wder who has got them self stuck and behaviour like this just makes me feel bad as I am apart of this generation labelled as 'disrespectful'.

It's just the worst and I would like to say that not all of us are like this. I know that there wasn't really a mention to the age of the people involved but most likely it was someone my age.

Cheers Matt
This will story will surley tell people "not" to recover random strangers. Which is kindly a bad story,

"Hey mate, im stuck can you recover me please"
"Nah mate, F off ya theif"
(something like that)

Even though if he is a good intended person, which is just sad. I hope Deano finds the bastards one day, and F*$# them up good. lol.
Im blown away by some people theses days......
I hope they arnt part of these forums and if found out that they are apart of this place,i would like to know what action the forum mods will do?
Second,ive been stuck b4 really bad and ive been pulled out by the likes of this poor guy.i hope this guy that had his stuff stolen will continue helping fellow 4wds out in there time of need.
The last time i got stuck didnt get out of the wattos till 9.30 on a sunday nite :) covered in mud in places i wish it wasnt.....
Hey Deano, Have people tried to help this guy out a little on the 'other' forum? I know he drives a landloser but if he makes a bit of a wish list I'll see if I have anything sitting at home for him. Maybe some of the other guys on here could do something similar. Thats if its not already happenening on 4wdcraption. If people are interested then maybe we could get him over to this site and see what we can do. If only to try and show him that its not a patrol thing. :D
fark that is appalling. who does that to someone that just helped you for 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if it was me i would find there car and snatch strap the engine out!!!
thats disgusting, iv helped heaps of people out of bogs, and iv never had it that they are that ungrateful.
Yep, forget the cops. Sometimes an old fasioned beating is whats required.
What a couple of turdburglars!

Glad the cops caught these two; pity something worse could not have happened to them.
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