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Someone post a reply there telling him to make an insurance claim on the items.

As long as the insurance company has a police report and the crims are convicted then they will chase them for the cost of the items, he wont be paying excess.

Considering they sound like some fkwits i doubt thered be anything worth suing them over, better to let the insurance company have a crack and leave a lien on them haha.
you really think an insurance company will chase them for $500, wow... I'm thinking they would deny the claim for not securing their property or consider it was borrowed since he gave the equipment to them.

Sorry for the hijack, but hey its a bad situation but we shouldn't change the way we are because of low lifes, thats what makes the hobby great, everyone sticking together!!!

But in saying that I don't recover everyone I see stuck, I do have limits and safty of person and vehicle is always first. I've learnt a lot from getting stuck and then getting a lecture from the peron recovering me, thats how we learn!!!! I have three snatch straps, one for me (new one) one for people in my group, so not too dodgy and then one for strangers that I don't care if it breaks.

go with your gut feeling, they are usually right, if you're comfortable with the recovery/people then go for it, if not tell em you don't have enough experiance/not comfortable enough, but at least advise to call someone for them (don't let em in the car if you're not happy but just get a number and call)

41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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