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Unusual tyre wear

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I have noticed some strange wear on my front tryes.
The wear is in one section on both front tyres, its is a bit hard to see in the pics but both edges of the tread blocks are being rounded off.
The tyres are Goodyear Duratracs 265/75R16s and have done about 3000 Ks since new and where fitted to new 16x8 dynamic rims.

I put a new drag link on and got a wheel alignment the day after the tyres where fitted.
I have not noticed any strange vibrations and I have not locked up the brakes to cause a flat spot.

Taking the truck back to the tyre shop tomorrow to see if they can help

So any ideas?


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For if you do a lot of winding road? ... It 's normal, it happens to me to consume more in the front tires still bends in the mountains.
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