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Hi all. I am the new guy here and asking for some serious help with a friends Patrol 4500.

For the last two months the car has had a splutter every now and then plus a rough idle but the rev counter does not move when the idle goes rough.

All of a sudden the fuel consumption has gone stupid. She used to get around 680km on 135 litres and now its down to 400km if she is lucky.

She took it for its 240K service and everything was checked and it turned out the timing was retarded by almost 1deg so that solved the fuel consumption and 80% of the rough idle.

Now the problem comes that it keeps blowing the main fuse and there are others like the window button light and little things.

Here in South Africa no person can seem to tell us what the issue could be and the only thing she has not done is sent it to have the entire electrical system removed and checked.

If there is anything that anyone here could tell me to look for as she uses the car daily and cant go on like this.

Please help

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