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Ute lift question?

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My wife just put on some MTZ 284/75/16 and MT rims on the '98 ST ute. They look great but rub a little on full lock (on the mudflap bracket). What is the best option. Coils spacers or cab blocks? Will post a pic soon.
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Well last night I put in some 40mm cab spacers and longer high tensile bolts. Took two hours by myself so wasn't that hard. And the wheels no longer rub :D. So far all I have had to do is remover the bottom radiator shroud but will check the levers out tonight. So far so good.
Mate, you might have been able to avoid the bod(ge)y lift by using radius arm spacers. They push the axle forwards specifically for clearance issues you mentioned.

If I was you I would make sure that you put the shroud bottom back on or pay the penalty in higher running temps.

That is good to know. At least I can drive it now. Will look into the arm thingies. And remove the blocks if needed. Where were you a few weeks ago?
Camping by the Snowy river ;)
And I have ordered the radius arm spacer kit.

Thankx for the headsup.
No problem mate.
I think there are threads on removal of radius arms and fitting of the spacers if you need them.
The term 'control arm' tend to be used for the rears.

These are the kits...

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I've never used them (my dropped radius arms already space the diff forward) but I believe it is as simple as removing your radius arms, popping the chassis bush off, putting the spacer on and then putting it all back together.

To take the radius arms off you will need to undo one end of the tie rod.
Do them one at a time (some suggest both but it could leave you feeling a little flat ;)).
It's also a good time to check and, if needed, replace bushes.

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