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v8 in a gq

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hey can anyone help me out im thinking of putting a holden efi v8 in my gq
can i use the same gear box that the holden have in them or do i have to use the standerd patrol gear box
i no if i use a different box i have to move the mounts
or is it just essayer to use a gq gear box
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has anyone done a full bolt in figure for fitting a gen3 or gen4 into a gq? I've had a bit of a look around and all those site (marks etc) sell the stuff seperatly - they may sell a bolt in kit but that doesn't include wireing accessories (air con, alt etc).
I like to know the final figure of a full kit that will give me everthing i need to fit it all in my shed.
You have to go as far as diff ratio's if they need changing etc.......
A complete cost from start to finish and completely legit - i don't think you'll get much change out of $10 000 and wouldn't surprise if it went above that.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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