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Vertex Std VX-4207 uhf???

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I need some advice and searched everywhere bu can't find the answers I need.

I'm interested in a Vertex Std VX-4207 uhf unit that I have seen for sale secondhand.

As far as I can see, these units are 50w. Are they currently legal in OZ? I thought the highest wattage we could use was 5w?

With the rule changes (to 80 channels) next year, will 50w units be okay or still illegal? Has anyone heard what these units are like?

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Hiya Bates,

The 4207 is a commercial spec radio ( a very nice one at that) and can be proggy'd to do up to 45 Watts UHF.

The Jan 2011 changes to the UHF CB band do NOT allow any power increase over the existing class licence so 5 Watts is still the cough, cough, "legal" limit for radiated power.

Make sure the set you are interested in is capable of the 450 to 512 MHz Band, the 400 to 470 range is outside the CB band (I think it is software selectable but not 100% sure).

Also, being a commercial spec don't expect the functions you would find on a CB radio... these sets are designed to be programmed up by a PC for a particular radio network for a Company, Minesite or whatever so you will need the appropriate software and proggy cable to make changes.
Thanks. Tha unit has been programmed for the new 80 channells, and the cable and software come with it.
Should be good to go then... :cool:

I have commercial spec 4 Watt handhelds that I will be using as of 1 Jan, cant be bothered changing the GME In Dash set for the sake of 80 channels just yet :)

IMHO resist the urge to "up" the TX Power, all it does is pi55 off everyone for miles around that you can't hear but your transmissions blot out. Lots of people with Icom 400's, Vertex's etc etc do it and there is no point really... I mean whats the use of TX'ing to people who you cant hear respond... How do you know they heard you in the first place?... and if your mate also has a hi power set and can reply then you both blot out a huge area.
My boss tried them out instead of Icoms for a wile......I was looking at getting one due to the reduced price over an icom but he simply said "Forget it" He said that its nothing on the icom. In terms of power out put (And he does power them up) and programability.
Juts my thoughts
Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion I spose and I'd like to see him get 45 Watts out of an Icom unless he had one I'm not familiar with altho I agree about the Icom programming.

Anyway, the Vertex is a quality Japanese design with millions of 'em around the world and a lot in use here in Aus with Emergency Services and many other bodies so Bates should be happy enough.
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