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I spent a long time weighing up the odds listened to the debates on the forms and decided to do it. I bought a 2000 model GU 3lt TD ZD30 for $150000,very tidy straight, full log books two owners , 200,000KMs and a warranty. I knew the risk (that G word) and was ready to do the things recommended by this forum's members to avoid it (EGR GAGUES ETC ETC). I never got a chance. 13 days I had the car, first trip out of Sydney, up the highway from the Mooney Mooney bridge she did it. The BIG BANG.
The dealer is most apologetic but washes his hands (10 yrs old 200,000Kms)
The warranty company are being useless (they will pay for one component failure only up to a max of $2000 but want my mechanic to split the enging down in to ever smaller parts to see what exactly failed so that now he has done more than the $2000 worth of ripping down so the pay out is nothing to me.
My bank wont give me an overdraft as I now have two car loans on the go at once.
So now Im stuck. I cant sell my old car as I need to use it for work. I cant afford the price of a full rebuild, or the cost of second hand engine as quoted to me ($6000 + labour). I cant sell it as its not running. So what Im asking is if anyone knows of a good engine at a better price?
Or better still any ideas on how to get out of this pickle? Id even settle for some sympathy ... a hug even ....anything to help restore my faith in Nissan.
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