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Vibration through the drivers floor pan

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Hi All
I have just fitted a Koni 88s and Aroura springs raising 2in from standard on a 09 CRD 3lt auto today and on the way home while travelling on the freeway I could feel a vibration through the acc pedal and drivers floor pan. It was only present at on or about 60 - 80kms. This was not present before the suspenison upgrade. Any suggestions or help would be great. Is this vibration due to me requiring caster correction bushes

Would like to hear from you all as my knowledge is not great at the minute

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When they fitted the suspension, they probably rotated the tyres and that has showed up that it is time for a wheel balance. (happens often with Patrols/big 4wd tyres). After wheels have been off, don't forget to check the wheel nuts are tight also after the drive home.
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