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Vinyl over carpet flooring

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G’day everyone,

My GQ has moulded carpet flooring which i had no intention of changing but was recently given the original vinyl floor off the bloke I bought it off after he found it in his shed so now I’m considering

The vinyl is in good knick so I’m considering putting it down over the carpet for 2 reasons:

Firstly, so I don’t have to vacuum carpet and worry about muddy boots and secondly because I’m hoping the carpet underneath plus the foam padding on the vinyl floor will work together to insulate the cab a bit and reduce some of the noise,

My question is has anyone done similar and what’s everyone’s opinion? Am I better off just selling the carpet flooring and swapping to vinyl or will the 2 work as a bit of an added sound barrier?


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I've had similar a thought I would like to know also
Dunno, but my first thought to spring to mind is that it might not fit all that well. The moulding conforms to the floor pan pretty tightly, so the extra thickness of carpet underneath might be too much.

But hey, it costs nothing but time to try it out!

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The vinyl is quite heavy and when placed over carpet or underlay will help reduce noise to some extent.
As Andrew says, it may be a tight fit over the carpet.
Personally I'd give it a go and see what happens, nothing to lose except a bit of time.
Is there any potential for the cab getting significant water ingress? Like river crossings for example? If yes, then the thing I'd be worried about would be if the carpet underneath got wet it'd never dry out under the vynil and cause bad smell or worse corrosion issues. But if your truck never sees anything like that then you might not need to worry about that.
I think you will see an increase in noise.
I have been working extensively on soundproofing my GQ, its pretty quiet now thanks to multiple layers of sound deadened, closed cell 10mm foil backed foam, sealing up all holes with gaskets or silicon.However, the thing that lowered noise the most was carpet. Reason behind this is the body mounds are so hard, vibration transfer from chassis to frame is almost direct, so you need to absorb it internally with soft surfaces like car seats and carpet. Putting vinyl over the carpet will create a large hard surface for sound to reflect off which will make it sound louder.

If you really want a floor you can clean well, use carpet and decent sand grabber mats. If you can be bothered, spray the vinyl ceiling with contact adhesive and cover it with fleece or a similar soft fabric for extra sound absorption.
Seth, I understand where your coming from, as vinyl does seem hard, and possibly sound radiant. But, in fact, the opposite is true.
Vinyl is made from PVC resin, and varies in density and hardness throught the use of Plasticizer. By blending a variety of additives, modifiers and stabilisers, and adding plasticiser, you can make soft to very hard Vinyl, but it will always be a mixture of PVC resin and the other chemicals mentioned - and as such, will never be a good sound conductor.
However, my greatest concern would be the same as Safaridan - water getting trapped under the vinyl. It would not dry out well, and would more than likely create an ideal environment for mold and rot to party, and poo you out man. o_O😷
Water trapped under vinyl is no more issue having carpet under it than not, because standard vinyl flooring has that underlay sort of stuff under it anyway, which would offer exactly the same issues.

Trust me... My GQ had vinyl flooring, I drowned it about 5 times over the years (possibly six, memory fades) and fitted bilge pumps under the seats but every time it got water in it, still had to strip interior to dry under vinyl properly.

So if you want to have a go, nothing to lose, but if you drown the car you're in for a decent size cleaning job either way.

Most normal people don't drown their cars too often so I wouldn't worry about it lol
On the water front, i don't see a big difference, other than yes it may breathe a bit better and possible dry out on its own. Either way, when you drown a car, you need to pull the carpet and hose it down so it wont stink. Using a closed cell foam as underlay rather than felt will help prevent mould smell from moisture build up.

As for noise, I agree that vinyl can help prevent sound transfer, however its an acoustically reflective surface. Simply put it acts as an amphitheatre by reflecting noise inside the cabin which makes it sound loud. Yes, being acoustically reflective is great for being a sound barrier, but what you need is both! An absorbent sound barrier! So, the solution here is cover %30 of each pane (that's all you need) with vinyl deadened, put down a complete layer of closed cell foam, then lay the carpet. You have now have the best of both words acoustically.

These are what i used, the result was great. I have used all the expensive stuff from DynaMat when i used to be into SPL battles, there is no difference (Except for the resonance pads the have for door internals which are very good).

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