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(WA) red dirt extreme rigs entry form and sup regs

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Driver Details​
PHONE NUMBER——————————————————————————————
EMAIL ADDRESS——————————————————————————————
EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS——————————————————————-​
(include: make, model, engine size, vehicle class)
PHONE NUMBER——————————————————————————————
EMAIL ADDRESS——————————————————————————————
EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS——————————————————————-​
Cost of Entry​
: $450per vehicle, to be paid in full and accompany your entry form
Entry forms must be received no later than March 22nd 2011 . Late entries will not be accepted
To Enter a Murchison Offroad Adventures event, you must sign a waiver form. You do not
need to be a member of the ccda, insurance will be supplied by MOA, the cost of which will be
covered in your entry fee. Full terms and conditions of entry are available in the supplementary
Withdrawl from the event must be received in writing 28 days prior to the start of the event.
After this time no refunds will be given for any withdrawals or failure to attend for any reason

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ISSUED BY: The Event Organiser
Murchison Offroad Adventures

supplementary regulations 2

11.1 Entry, reserve lists, fees and refunds 2

11.2 Event Description 3

11.3 Video, Photographic images and Cameras 3

11.4 Crew Participation 3

11.5 Driving Conduct 3

11.6 Vehicle Eligibility 4

11.7 Indemnity and Insurance 4

11.8 Scrutineering 5

11.9 Event Briefing 5

11.10 Vehicle damage during event 6

11.11 Protests 6

11.12 Abuse 6

11.13 Bulletins 6

11.14 Results on Abandonment 6

11.15 Course Markers 7

11.16 Penalties 7

11.17 Start Order 7

11.18 Support Team 7

11.19 Winches 7


Spare parts, workshop use, maintenance 8


Compulsory items check list 8


11.0 Supplementary Regulations
These supplementary regulations are set out by the Red Dirt Extreme rigs competition
event director and they shall be read in conjunction with the CCDA manual of fou
wheel drive motor sport standing, sporting and vehicle regulations.
The event director shall determine the interpretation to be followed in relation to any
error, ambiguity, discrepancy or inconsistency within or between these supplementary
regulations and the CCDA regulations

11.1 Entry, Reserve lists, Fees and Refunds.
Application for entry can be submitted on an entry form, via the internet to
[email protected]
, by fax to 08 99331050 or by post to po box
433, Northampton WA 6535. The entry form must contain at least the driver name,
address, contact number and email contact address.
Submission of the completed and signed entry form is implicit agreement by the
applicant and each crew member to be bound by the regulations and all rules
pertaining to the event, including any subsequent amendments or directives which
may be issued by the event director.
Payment of the entry fee must accompany the entry form, your entry will not be
deemed valid until payment in full is received. Individual payment plans can be
organised by contacting the event organiser if required.
Entry to the competition closes at 9pm WST on 22
nd March 2011. No late entries will
be accepted.
Withdrawal from the event must be received in writing 28 days prior to the event ,
withdrawals after this time will result in no entitlement to any refund
The event director reserves the right to refuse entry to any competitor without any
Entry to the event will be accepted on order of receipt, in the event of a full quota, a
reserve list will be kept; people must pay the balance due when being elevated from
the reserve list

11.2 Event Description
The red dirt extreme rigs competition is “C” class event with open, production and
challenge class vehicles allowed to participate. This competition forms round one of
the three round series known as:” The top comp Driver Award Series”. Points from
this competition and the subsequent two c class events will be tallied to determine
who WA’s top comp driver is for 2011.
The competition will occur over two days , on April 22
nd and 23rd 2011 and include a
number of special stages which will be determined by the time completed, points
scored, distance travelled or navigational points collected. Minus any penalties as
determined by the regulations.
Each class of vehicle will have a winner and 1
st, 2nd & 3rd overall will be determined.
Provided there is a minimum number of competitors in each class, in the event
minimum numbers are not met, there will only be overall 1
st,2nd & 3rd

11.3 Video, Photographic images and Cameras
The official photographer for the event is Dirt Demon Offroad Images, they have the
exclusive rights to produce a DVD of the event and to sell footage and photographs of
the event commercially. All other footage and or photographs taken by any person or
business can not be sold on a commercial basis without the written consent of th
event organiser and Dirt Demon Offroad Images.

11.4 Crew Participation
Each crew will consist of a driver and co-driver in one vehicle, each must hold a valid
drivers licence. The composition of the crew can not change once scrutineering has
been completed. In extenuating circumstances changes can be made with the written
consent of the event organiser, if changes are made without the approval of the event
organiser then the crew will be disqualified from the event. Changing driver and codriver
is permitted unless specifically directed for any stage by the event director or
his delegate
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11.5 Driving Conduct
This event is held on private tracks on private property which is shared by the public,
property owners and their families, spectators, event officials and other participants.
Crews shall drive in a safe and reasonable manner appropriate to the circumstances,
there is a maximum of 60 km/hr speed limit when travelling between stages.You
MUST drive to conditions. You do not have right of way just because you are in a
hurry!!!!.Crews considered by the event director or his delegate to be driving
dangerously will incur an event penalty determined by the event director up to and
including disqualification from the event.
11.6 Vehicle Eligibility
Vehicles eligible to enter this event must fall under one of the following classes as
determined by the CCDA manual of motorsport.
• open class
• challenge class
• production class
Vehicles will be placed into their classes by the chief scrutineer, crews do have the
ability to lodge a dispute with the event organiser if they disagree with their
classification. Any dispute must be lodged in writing with the event director no later
than 14 days prior to the event commencing.
11.7 Indemnity and Insurance
The crew shall have no claim what so ever against the organisers of the event or its
representatives. Teams will be required to complete the waiver form to be eligible to
participate in the event.
Murchison Offroad Adventures has public liability insurance for this event which
covers themselves and their representatives. Competitors ( Driver and co-driver )
have personal accident insurance whilst competing. It does not cover travel too and
from the event. Copies of the policies will be supplied to competitors.
It is a requirement of the event organisers that in order to compete each vehicle must
have it’s own third party insurance.
It is Important for you to realise motor sport is dangerous and may result in death.
Insurance policies are compulsory, but they are not bullet proof and will not cover
every possible circumstance. You compete at your own risk!!!
11.8 Scrutineering
Scrutineering is compulsory for all competitors. Generally scrutineering will occur 14
days prior to the event start. Date, time, place and chief scrutineer will be supplied at
a later date. Failure to attend scrutineering will incur a 100 point penalty unless an
individual arrangement is made with either the chief scrutineer or event director.
The vehicle must be presented for event scrutineering in a ready to start condition
including full fuel tanks, full water containers and compulsory equipment.
Final scrutineering will occur on location at Murchison Offroad Adventures, during
which time, in addition to the CCDA regulations crews will be asked to demonstrate
emergency procedures when exiting the vehicle. The driver and co-driver must be
able to demonstrate an emergency exit where the occupants must turn of the isolation
switch and exit the vehicle with the fire extinguisher in hand.
If a vehicle fails scrutineering then they are unable to compete and will be deemed as
Both driver and co-driver must attend all vehicle scrutineering.
Each vehicle must be fitted with a rear mounted fog/dust light
11.9 Event Briefing
An official event briefing will be held prior to the start of the competition. This is
compulsory for both driver and co-driver.
Prior to the start of some stages there will also be a compulsory meeting, driver and
co- driver must attend, failure to do so will result in DNS unless given the express
consent of the event director to not attend.
Competitors will be given prior notice by event staff either in writing in the itinerary,
by UHF communication or a message delivered by an event marshal. if a pre stage
meeting will be held.
It is the responsibility of crews to ensure they are aware of all compulsory meetings
and the protocol required by regulations if they are unable to attend.
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11.10 Vehicle Damage during Event
Should a competing vehicle sustain mechanical, structural or body damage during the
event, either during competition or transport stages, and the event director cannot be
assured that the vehicle is able, or can be made able, to safely continue in the event,
the vehicle shall be presented for inspection by the event scrutineer at a place
nominated by the event director. The event director shall make the final decision as to
wether the vehicle can continue with the competition.
11.11 Protests
At the end of each stage, each competitor will be given the score sheet to sign
showing any penalties which may apply. If a crew has a dispute DO NOT sign the
score sheet, the marshal will note on the bottom that you have lodged a protest. This
will be forwarded on to the event director, the matter will be discussed and dealt with
at the first available break, all protests will be taken seriously and a decision will only
be made after a full consultation process has occurred. The final decision where a
stalemate exists will rest with the event director.
11.12 Abuse
There is a zero tolerance policy on abuse. If you are found to abuse a marshal,
volunteer, spectator or any person associated with the competition. Penalties will
apply according to the ccda regulations and may include disqualification of a stage or
in extreme circumstances from the whole event.
11.13 Bulletins
Bulletins may be released by the event organisers throughout the event to supplement
the regulations of the event
11.14 Results on Abandonment
Should the Red Dirt Extreme Rigs comp be abandoned prior to the scheduled finish as
a result of a force majeure, the results will be tallied as at the last fully completed
11.15 Course Markers
Course markers for stages will consist of pegs, bunting, formed track or it could
follow natural obstacles such as creek beds etc. These will be described in the stage
briefing notes.
Start and finish garages and gates are course markers.
Some stages may have marked gates which the crews must pass through in order.
Failure to pass through all gates in order will result in a DNF for that stage.
If a crew misses a gate or gates they may retrace their steps, provided they don’t
infringe the course boundary, and may then pass through the gates in correct order
without incurring a penalty for failing to pass through those gates. Any penalty
incurred while retracing their steps will be applied to their stage performance.
Crews may not retrace their steps once they have entered the finish gate or passed the
finish marker
11.16 Penalties
Penalties will be applied according to the ccda standing regulations and any set out in
these regulations when breaches occur
11.17 Start Order
Starting orders will occur as per the ccda regulations. If you fail to start in your
allocated position or are late to a stage penalties and protocol will be as per the ccda
11.18 Support teams
Support teams/pit crew are not permitted to recover vehicles from stages for safety
reasons. They may only assist their crews when they are removed from the stage area.
For detailed information refer to the ccda regulations
11.19 Winches
Winches must use synthetic rope. Cables are not allowed. The synthetic rope must
have a load rating of at least twice that of the winch SWL rating or four times the
nominal vehicle weight, whichever is the least
There is detailed procedures to follow when winching please ensure all crew are
familiar with the ccda regulations, penalties will apply if protocol is breached
11.20 Spare parts, Workshop use, Maintenance
Murchison Offroad Adventures has a workshop which is available for competitors to
use free of charge. You must leave the workshop in the same condition as you found
it. Please dispose of your rubbish, tidy up and return all tools to where you found
them. You must be self sufficient and bring all your own spare parts, disposables ie
oils, lubricants etc etc. Station vehicles are not to be used as your own private supply
of spare parts, workshop lubricants etc etc are not to be used. The workshop is a
facility for you to use free of charge it is not your own private supply of items you
may have forgotten or need. In exceptional circumstances please see MOA owners.
11.21 Compulsory Item Check list
1 helmets as per ccda regulations
2 seat belt cutter to be carried within reach of the driver/codriver
3 four point safety harness as per ccda regulations
4 roll over protection as per ccda regulations
5 winch
6 spare parts and tools
7 snatch strap min 60mm 8000kg
8 snatch block 7000kg
9 d shackles min 2 rated no lower than 3.25T
10 winch extension strap min 75mm 8000kg or synthetic rope 10mm 8500kg
11 tree trunk protector min 75mm 12000kg
12 cable dampener ( min dry weight 1kg)
13 gloves
14 navigational aids including gps and hand held compass
15 at least one spare wheel and tyre
16 first aid kit as per ccda regulations
17 garbage bags
18 min 20 litres water
19 fire extinguishers 1 x 1.5 kg or 2 x 0.9kg
20 uhf radio
21 flashing warning beacon
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