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Submerging Problem with GU Air Con??? HELP

Hi all

I went 4wding last Sunday to toolangi. Had a great day :D. But after I was home, when I started my patrol there was a loud bearing sound from my Air Con unit. I was quieter when I turned the Air Con on. I have a 2002 GU 4.8.

I took it to the mechanic and he said it was the sealed bearing within the unit making the noise. He also said he spoke to a few people about it and they apparently do it on a regular basis after entering water. The sealed bearing when hot is said to induce water and make **** loads of noise until it fails.

I want to know if anyone has experienced this, it just seems that if this is the case its a massive design flaw as the air con is at the bottom of the engine on the 4.8 and will enter the water all the time. Mind you i have done about 10-15 river crossings before is started making the noise.

I just don’t want to be spending a couple of hundred bucks to replace it after every 10 water crossings. :mad:

Cheers, Tristan
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