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Wellsie's "new" GQ

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Wellsy's "new" GQ and Mav

Hi all thought it was about time i posted up my new GQ i picked up at the start of the year.

It's a 97 GQ ST 4.2 diesel.

I bought it from an older gent down south, it is the best GQ i've seen - big statement i know but i think it holds true in this case.
The only mods done to it were - 2" lift, dual batteries, long range tank and trailer brake controler.

Since i've had it i added the following

*Rejigged the suspention with softer coils, 2" castor correction bushes aswell as radial arm spacers to push the front diff foward so the bigger tyre dont hit.
*33" BFG KM2's on pro comp 15x8 fake bead lock rims (bit of bling)
*Safari snorkel - new style
*Over head console with UHF
*Cargo barrier
*Alpine head unit, front splits and replaced the rear speakers with some cheapies that will be replaced again when the draws are installed.
*Headlight upgrade loom and H4 insert head lights
*Light force 240's and loom
Aswell as other bits and bobs.

Let me know what you think of it

The morning after i got it home.

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Very very clean Gq mate nice
This is how its sits now - pics taken this afternoon.

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very nice
did you swap everything over from the other Q? Or is it all new stuff?

Great rare find wellsie,super tidy.How many kms?
Was it advertised or did you confront the owner personsally & convince him to sell?
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Hey mate.

Nice buy.

I cry when I see engine bays that clean lol!

Can't wait to see it in action at Laidly when that happens.

Woot: 1000 posts :)
What's happening with the old 1?
did you swap everything over from the other Q? Or is it all new stuff?

Swaped some stuff over, overhead console, cargo barrier, spotties and wheels. Rest is all new gear.

The 6" lift that was in the blue one (not in the above pics) is now in the Mav that a mate and i are doing up for harder type wheeling/ comps.
Great rare find wellsie,super tidy.How many kms?
Was it advertised or did you confront the owner personsally & convince him to sell?
Thanks Dazza, it had 135 000ks on it when i picked it up. The mrs found it on carsales, it had only been posted up on there a couple of hours before we rang and put a deposit down.
What's happening with the old 1?
Thanks Deccers, the old one was stripped to standard, well as standard as it could! then the brother in law grabed it off me.

Scott and i had already picked up the Mav other wise we would of kept the blue one to do up. Not to worry i kind of like petrol power when you dont have to worry too much about fuel economy.
Hi mate, what do you have there?

SWEET!, my new ARB winch bar.

And a pillar pod with my new autometer gauges, oil temp, water temp and volts. Will change when the turbo kit goes on.

Anything else in there mate? nope send them back they're no good!

I'll fit them all up this arvo ready for our trip to Straddie in a few weeks.
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Love the drama!
Can I have your shed lol.
Bullbar will look awesome on it mate,
keep up with it
Bloody Hell Wellsie, that is the cleanest Q i've seen in Ages. Hope you enjoy your straddie trip and the fam has a ball, bet you spend a squillion hours cleaning it after the beach :D . Cant wait to see the build thread for the Big Mav, how is the DC chop goin?

Edit: Also do i spy a HJ/X/Z ute in the background???
Thanks Matto, id does look great - though my light force 240's sit along way foward of the outer bar so i have my old IPF's on at the moment. If i can get to the shed this arvo ill knock up some brackets to sit them back further.

Thanks Andy, very shiny hey! lol not even a bush pin strip on it yet.
I've spent the last couple of days i've had off of work (not many mind you) cleaning and lanoteching the guts out of it - i'll do it all again when i get back home. I'll let loose with the fire hose at work first.

Yeah the ute is an 84 WB holden, its my other mechinal baby. Was my grandfathers and i got it out of his estate about 12 years ago, stock as a rock and in fairly tidy condition. Dont know what i'm going to do with it yet. Lots of big $ ideas just need the big $ to do it lol.

Mav is coming along slowly - very painfull. Got it all marked out for the cut and have the ute cab there for the rear wall. Suspention is in mostly just want to beef it up a bit, as the 37 super swammpers should have some good grip! It currently has a 2" body lift in it also but i want to take it out but Scotty likes to looks - wonder if he will when he gets it on a good side slope!
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I have to say, i do miss my old GQ and seeing such a clean example is awesome!!!
Just looing at these photo's and man i miss that blue GQ!
thats the cleanest gq i have seen in ages. whats next on the mod list?
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