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On my travels I have managed to put the following world wide country list together of who sell's the Patrol, what model and what parts can be obtain. Now some people could say that its pointless but it also has it uses. There is not a real hand book saying were the Patrol is sold or what model is available. For people who drive from Europe to Africa and around the Globe this info could be of some use. Also parts seamed to be a issue so I decided in my spare time to call in at every Nissan Garage in the country I visited and made the following notes.

Example below: Is there not a way of making a patrol 4x4 list that can be edited by anyone.

Ghana - Japan motor's - Parts "Yes" - Y61 models for sale "Yes" - 2010 version "No"
Aberdeen- Nissan Halshaws- Parts "Yes" - Y61 models for sale "No" - 2010 version "No"
Dubai- Arabian Automobiles- Parts Yes - Y61 models for sale "Yes" - 2010 version "Yes"
Japan- Nissan JPY- Parts Yes - Y61 model for sale "Yes" -2010 version "Yes"
Belgium- Parts "Yes" more info required. 4.2 2010 models available for export only
Spain ,,,, etc etc
Australia ,,,,,, etc etc
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