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I have a manual 2001 GU wagon, originaly a ZD30, now TD42T. I want to change the diff ratios to bring the revs down, i am running 33's do i thought 4.11 would be the go or maybe even 3.9.

Being an ex ZD30 underpowered vehicle, it has 4.3 ratios.

I am not sure what housings are in the wagon. The rear housing is the big chunky one. And are all the GU front axle housings the same?

I basically need to know:

1) what diff housings i have,
2) what my ratio options are for those housings, and
3) how do i know how many splines are my axles are without removing them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, also let me know if you have or know of any diff centres for sale to suit my need.


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