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Engine oil 10w30 to 20w50 depending on climate
Diff gear oil Hypoid LSD or equivalent gear oil APL-GL5
Manual transmission API GL-4 anywhere from 75w to 140 and anywhere in between again depending on climate
Transfer depending on the year its either Dexrion II atf (after Oct. 1991) or API GL4-5 (pre Oct. 1991). I hear some guys use either/or. Nissan made the change to prevent a problem occurring on the auto locking hubs.

Capacities for 3L
Engine oil with filter 6.4 litres
Cooling system (including reservior tank and heater) 11.9 litres
Manual gearbox 5.1 litres
Transfer 2.0 litres
Differential - Front 5.4litres
Rear 2.1 litres (without rear locker)

Now as for viscosities, for most Aussie climates 10w40 should work nice for the engine, and 75/80w-90 for the gearbox/diffs/transfer.

Going thicker in the front and rear diffs is acceptable. However in my opinion, going much thicker than 40 in the engine "might" be to thick, be as always it depends on use, condition of parts and climate.
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