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Hi guys and girls,

I am looking at buying a 1997 NISSAN PATROL GQ II RX. It has a 6 cylinder Diesel Turbo 2.8L (2826cc)and has 285,000kms on the clock. I would think these motors would be good for around 400,000kms if it has been serviced regularly. Does this sound about right? The other thing worth mentioning is that is also duel fuel. I havent heard of diesels being on gas before. Would this shorten the life of the engine?

The seller is asking $12000 for it and it has a mods to it. ARB Front Diff Locker and Compressor, Diesel/LPG Gas system, Rear Spotlight, After market Suspension, 147 Lt long range tank, Dual Batteries , rear power outlets, Bluetooth hands free, snokel, side steps that go all the way to bull bar. To me this sounds reasonable. Does anybody agree/disagree?
Are there any particular things I should look out for with this model

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