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Ive got a 2000 gu coilcab. Its got a large steel tray with 2 alloy boxes, 2 spares, and water tank. My question is will a 9000lb winch be ok, or should i fork out the extra and get a 12000lb (im lookig at the tigerz11). The car is mostly for work as my main 4by car is my sierra, however my ute does get taken on the longer touring trips maybe ~6 times a year so id like to keep cost down as i may only get used a couple of times a year.

So my choice is;
- get a chinese 10000lb winch ~ $500 (i can get good solenoids cheap)
- a tigerz11 2 speed 9000lb ~$895
- or a 12000lb tigerz 1 speed ~$845
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