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I bought a 2004 3.0 GU Patrol Wagon and failed to see it had been swamped (was a mechanic 20 years ago) I did a full revs check & it was all clear, so dont rely on this.
I have pulled the seats out and internal fan box, aircon, carpets & discovered some issues. see below.

I got the Patrol at a good price so am happy to go through it, but it will take many hours. It is Ok if you do it yourself but if I paid somebody to clean up, it wouldn't be worth it.

  • Do a revs check online (Australia) This will tell you if the vehicle was written off from an insurance company (from flood or other) and whather it is debt free from a financial institution.

  • Take a torch and check for signs of rust under the metal base of the front seats. Check under the dash where you have exposed metal parts.If it has had water, rust will be every where, especially the centre pillar under the radio, dash support. In an old car on the coast you can expect a bit of rust under there as this metal is not protected.

  • Put the fan on de-mist & you will get water condensing unusually on the inside of your windscreen.

  • You could have a noisy cabin fan due to mud being in unit & blades catching it.

  • 1st thing to get hit electrically are the air bag module (fits in front of gearshift in cab) light in dash will display error. Speed cruise module & radio in Nissan Patrol GU could also be stuffed.

  • Damp smell in cabin.

  • Signs of mould on ceiling.

  • Sand under carpets particularly in hard to clean corners.

    electrical looms under dash sandy. Not just dust.
    [*]check air lines after air cleaner (inside), mud traps in there. Muddy MAF.

    heater core (little radiator) under dash corrodes very quickly if exposed to muddy water (externally) & then leaks hot water which comes from radiator. Good place to see tide mark.

    Aircon unit muddy
    [*]Mud behind glove box.
Check some of these if looking to buy a Patrol. Dont be CAUGHT.
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