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what tyres

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Ok this is my first post on this forum so hello to all.
I own a 1999 GU ST Patrol and have done for a number of years now but had a very nasty thing happen yesterday while driving to work. I was on the express way doing about 80k's and with about 2 seconds warning the tread of one of my front tyres seperated from the tyre. I won't go into details about what happend next but was able to pull up without too much hastle. When I got out and went round to look at the damage I was supprised to see how bad it was, two doors will need repainting a new guard and side step as well as most of the covers under the guard.

I have Cooper ST 265's on and have to say that this is not the first time this has happen though not on this vehicle. The last time was on a Patrol ute we had and it ripped off the rear guard an muffler. This vehicle did a lot of very hard off road work and we just put it down to the fact it must have been damaged.
This time it's different this tyre has not been off road or flat in its life and was about 75% tread left so not happy Jan.

Now this gets me to my question. What tyres should I put back on as I'm not going to risk this happening again. I've had a look at Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armour but do not know anyone who is using them. Can anyone offer their opinion on this subject please

PS the user name and avatar are from the fact I fly RC helis. My avatar is a pix of my scale EC135(the real one) and I fly like an old woman so hence the name SKIRTS.
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