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Mig o Mag , ESSETI , Lincon , CIGWELD , IIG , UNIMIG all good brands, however different modes different years some are good some not so. Are you after a 250 amp heavy duty (15 amp feed) strong capable machine with good weld penetration , lots of fine controls , ability to spot weld , etc etc or a home workshop job that can weld up some RHS or a bit of plate do car rust repairs with basic easy to use controls (power & wire speed only) rated at maybe 150 or 180 amps (normal 10 amp feed) as there is a world of difference. There is also a world of price difference. You will also need a gas supplier (Lind or BOC) and then a good mask gloves etc etc.....
Decisions decisions!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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