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Hi all
I have a old Mit's 4x4 now 4cly auto now so down on power etc etc. A friend had told me about a 92 Nissan Patrol GQ petrol injected & said it's got a bit more power for towing the boat!! I went around & had a look LPG 2'' lift kit new tyres etc no rego or rwc The fellows in ill health & cannot work on it & hasn't got the money
1st problem is it has a blown auto going for a trip & no more drive & camper trailer covered in red oil!! well got it home & pulled the auto out, & had 2 heart attacks so ill health & this the way it is Auto's in the back with a spare transfer case?? lights etc looks ok etc etc
He said that getting a replacement auto or reco one up around the 2grand mark or get a manual box & kit & swap it all over how much?? I friend who has had a few 4x4s reconds it's a good buy!!
One of my questions is what's a reco auto worth or would it be good to check out 2nd hand one's from the wrecker price wise I have no idea??
Or replace it with a 4 or 5 speed gearbox & will have to I suppose get a change over kit??
what is something like that worth & where should I be looking for this parts?? What do thinks the best way to go & a round about price for the car as I said I have no idea, Ive looked at prices around here & car yards but I need some honest advice from the good people here.
I be using it for towing a small boat & camping on Fraser Island a few time a year with the family 5 & I just want something with a bit more balls & something I can trust up on the beach
Thanks Steve
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