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Wheel Camber

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Hi Guys,

Got a quick question.

My front wheels seem to have a large amount of positive camber on them (The bottom of the wheels are closer together than the top).

Is there any way to fix this because it is chewing my tyres out on the outside at the front. Would a new set of front wheel bearings fix this?

Cheers for your infinite amounts of wisdom and help in advance.

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it hasnt at some time been fitted with adjustable king pins has it.
have a look on top of the swivel hub and just make sure there is no big bolt and nut looking thing on there. its possible but unlikely. but these could if fitted cause the problem your talking about.
also instead of replacing the wheel bearings just make sure there is no play in them as they can sag that way when sitting making it look like its out. if there is play adjust it up and see if thats any better, then if that fixes it just leave it be. unless they need repacking or replacing.
ok the swivel hub is the thing that your wheel basically bolts to and swivels on that big ball on the outside of the diff casing. the king pin or swivel hub bearings are under plates on the top and bottom of this big hub looking thing your wheel is connected to.
and best way to check for wheel bearing play is to jack up either side or the front diff so the wheels are of the ground. now grab the top and bottom of the wheel and try to push the top and bottom in and out. if there is any movement you will fell it like that.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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