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I've got a skinny wheel patrol with ~2" rubber flares. Guy before me has put on what I think are a set of Speedy alloys 16x7" with 265/75/16 - not sure on the offset, but they are still around 2" shy of the outer edge of the flares.

So anyway, I want to put on new wheels and tyres - probably 16"x8" with 33x10.5 ATs but want them to fill the arches - i.e. to the edge of the flares. Any idea what offset I should be looking for with that tyre in order to do this?

Suppose I need to measure the offset on the current wheels and work it out from there? If new tyres are to be about an inch wider (half an inch either side) and want to gain two inches outwards, then need about an 1.5inch offset over the current wheels??

Does that sound right - or in practice does it not really work like that?!

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