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which carb is best?

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Hi, I have a '74 ute with a stromberg carb that I'm about to buy an adjustable main jet for, but I'm wondering what the consensus is for the best carb for the P motor. The ute came with the stromberg but its far too rich. I haven't taken it off yet to see what size it is. What size works best on these motors? Is the stock one still better? Are parts still available for the stock one?
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A few years ago i had a MK p40 5spd ute. Had carb troubles and a a mate and i fitted a
Falcon weber to it.
Had the carb rebuilt and fitted with std jetting,went ok better than std.
Had it tuned/jetted and fitted extractors,well what a different truck drove smooth,had better economy and when you put the boot in off she went(fuel did to when that happened) it also had elect ign fitted by previous owner.
i do miss that ute it was fun to drive.

Cheers Ian.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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