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Which oil grade, single or multi?

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Since we hijacked another thread lets start/finish our oil grade discussion here.

The question is do you use a multi grade oil (15-40 ish) like 99% of the population or a single grade for warm outside temps and why.

I like multi grades for cold starts but single grades for summer temps and IMO single grades maintain their advertised properties significantly longer, multi grades contribute to sludge build up and break down faster than single grades. Of course I do not want a single grade 40 for -10C.
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The only factory recommendations for mono grade that I have seen were for air-cooled engines like Briggs and Stratton (like most people here I always used 30 grade for 4C to 40C) but I just bought a new mower and even they now recommend a 10W-30 synthetic with mono 30 grade listed as "an acceptable substitute". Air-cooled aircraft engines used to use mono grade but I don't know if that is still true. I believe that the VI improvers in multigrade have themselves been improved over time and synthetics need less or no VI improver.
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