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I have a well worn in (500000k, goes alright, bearings etc are good) Silver top TD42 which I want to turbo on a bit of a budget, ie, I don't want to spend a fortune.
Points to consider are -
I want it reliable (or as reliable as a 500k motor gets), No heat issues or overfueling, It is reliable now and has not heating issues.
Running steam pipe maniflold, 3 inch dump and exhaust.
Top mount air to air intercooler,
10-12psi, at the most.
Standard pump (at this stage)
Boost from low revs but not run out of puff until the injector pump does.

So do I go the cheaper Kinugawa, or spend the cash on a Garrett, or Mitsubishi?
And what specs, keeping in mind I don't want to upgrade the pump, There are heaps of different specs out there for different pumps and setups. Should I go roller bearing or is it not needed for the above specs and not worth it?

Any ideas
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