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Which wheel bearing kit - GQ?

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Im changing the front rotors on my 89 GQ wagon so i will also be needing to replace the wheel bearing and bearing seals (may as well while im there).
The question is though, which one do i need?
Seems there are 3 different kits of which the first one i have already purchased (at Bursons) and am now wondering if i got the right one:

WHEEL BEARING KIT NISSAN PATROL PART NO. 4043 (eBay item 140456545384 end time 20-Dec-10 12:47:32 AEDST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats

Nissan Patrol GQ GU 1989 - 2004 Front Wheel Bearing Kit (eBay item 260697066357 end time 23-Dec-10 10:56:51 AEDST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats

NISSAN PATROL GQ/GU FRONT WHEEL BEARING KITS (eBay item 140477153809 end time 12-Dec-10 04:21:52 AEDST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats

The second kit has an extra seal and a new thrust washer and the last kit looks like a bearing and hub kit?

Is the first kit going to do the job?
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