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My Patrol is a 2.8TD 1997. 350,000k's, and starting to look very beat up.
I tow a caravan lots and over the past 2 years have been putting up with what I thought was a Turbo whine. The noise is like a high pitched electrical whine and is coming from the front left of the vehicle. It can only be heard when the car has no load at over 2,200rpm with fairly full acceleration and dies away as I reduce the amount of pedal in use. When loaded with caravan or very full cabin load the noise starts at about 2200rpm but stays there unless I am almost coasting with no acceleration.
Has anybody had a similar experience or can someone give me any useful advice as to what this is or if it is a problem, can it be fixed?


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Exhaust manifold or turbo to dump pipe has come loose and exhaust is blowing through, you may not see it, but it may need a tighten up.

By the way, your posting in the GU section, you need to post in the GQ section in future.
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