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Who in Melb can perform NADS on my truck??

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:pGuys who in Melbourne town or around is able to perform the correct engine mods to my soon to be GU.......for $$$$$$$ of course.
I shall be getting a 04-06 3 litre and due to my zero mechanical skills need someone to do the mods, with my assistance:p
Please let me know and roughly how much this will all coast.
I know there is someone with the skills.....cheers boys, dont let my truck become a statistic like many others:eek:
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I thought NADS was a brand of ladies hair removal cream? ;)

Or is this some hairy beast of a machine your getting?
Funny boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok what about the anti engine blow up modifications. I hope thats better for you.

Seriously, the best anti engine blow up mod, is called a TD42 :p:p:p serious

ow i 'm going to cop it for that :)

If its performance mods you're after you could do a search for GO NADS ;)

I'll go out on a limb and guess you are after Nissan Authorised Dealer Servicing?
I can show you a pic of NADS. Mine though. :)

Pass :)
Thanks for the heads up about the pro vent, I hadn't heard about them before.

What's involved with maintenance? Does anything ever need replaceing?

cheers Greg
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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