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Who in Melb can perform NADS on my truck??

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:pGuys who in Melbourne town or around is able to perform the correct engine mods to my soon to be GU.......for $$$$$$$ of course.
I shall be getting a 04-06 3 litre and due to my zero mechanical skills need someone to do the mods, with my assistance:p
Please let me know and roughly how much this will all coast.
I know there is someone with the skills.....cheers boys, dont let my truck become a statistic like many others:eek:
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i can put my NADS on your truck, but you might like to wash it afterwards... :)

ive nearly finished doing all these mods. I had nearly 0 mechanical skills but with a bit of reading, and some friendly advice from the folks on this forum im nearly done, and ive done it all myself WooHoo!

My advice - get your Boost and EGT gauges first. Order the Dawes valve from and get the needle valve from dependable distributors. The Dawes valve will take a few weeks to arrive.. Get a provent from western filters.

Take one bite at a time, its the only way to eat an elephant.

Start with the provent. While you are there, clean out your intercooler.

Then fit your boost gauge. If you dont have a tap, take the intercooler pipe off and take it to someone to have the barb fitted.

Next fit your EGT gauge. This is the bit im up to now. Its a bit of a PITA but if i can do it, anyone can.. Again, get someone to weld the fitting to the dump pipe, thats what im trying to orgainse now..

By then your Dawes valve and needle valve should be in your hands. Get a 'shim' from someone of the forum. Read Chaz's write up on how to fit these. If you have done your boost gauge, it makes it alot easier...

Best thing to to is read, search on the forums.. i was willing to just pay someone to do it to start with, but now ive nearly done it all myself.. sure some blood was lost, the fence has some new dents in it from flying spanners, and the neighbors kids now know some pretty horrible new swear words but i think its all worth it in the end.

If you can find someone to do it all for ya good luck, but maybe give it a crack yourself first?

If you need pics of how ive done mine, im happy to send them, mine isnt the best setup, but you can compare it to everyone elses too, and take the best from them all :)

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