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Hi All,

Long time looker, first time post.

Have been viewing the forum for some time now and have gained a great deal of knowledge, thanks to you all.

I have a 2005 GU4 with factory bull bar and winch (do not know what brand, no names/markings). Was useing it last weekend and the power out has stopped working, the solenoid just clicks.

Searching the forum, i have deduced that the power out solenoid has had it?

In the doocumentation is should be looking for the following item

S0107/08-42 12v Power out solenoid.

Any ideas where i can get one (Adelaide area preferably).

Secondly, the winch is set well back into the bull bar, with the control box behind that, A right B*****d to get the control cable attached.

What is the likely hood of being able to get to the control box withoud major work, ie taking the bull bar off?

Thanks in advance.

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