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It’s the tiny improvements you make to your car that put a smile on your face right?

Recently changed the stock stream squirters on my car to a newer style “mist” sprayer.
The new nozzles are a Honda Odyssey part 76810-TK8-A01. Below is a comparison of the old (left) and new (right).
Gas Household hardware Auto part Nut Titanium

As you might see, newer one is a lot bulkier, but nothing a little bit of grinding can’t fix.
Gas Machine Auto part Titanium Magenta

Event Personal protective equipment Audio equipment Electric blue Machine

Once you’ve grinded the sides and the front facing clip, it’s all plug and play.
You can see the difference below, new (right) vs old (left).
Automotive parking light Car Automotive lighting Hood Automotive mirror

Here is a view of both the nozzles replaced
Hood Automotive lighting Automotive mirror Automotive tire Windscreen wiper

Unnecessary? Maybe. Satisfying? Yes.
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