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hey all
me gq shortie keeps blowing fuses. to the point where i put a new one in and its blown before pushed all the way home. now ive had a bit of a play. and even with all 3 components disconnected still blows, them 3 things being combination switch, wiper motor and also the intermittant wiper amplifier. so id assume i can rule out any of them being a problem. which makes it to me the main power wire is shorting straight to earth. now i cant seem to find the problem anywhere so could i just run a new wire from the back of the fuse box to all them 3 components and it should just fix it.
as im pretty sure they all use the same power wire???
also tested for continuity between that side of fuse and ground and definate resisatance and its the same from all three plugs.
cheers fellas
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