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This is abit of a tricky one -
My 3ltr kept throwing the error code for the MAF, so a new MAF went in and testing began.

Testing volts to continuity everything between the ECU and MAF seems fine - voltages read as they should and no breaks / shorts in the wiring.

So, thinking the problem is in the ECU, I bought a new one (2nd hand) and had an auto electrician fiddle to try re-code my keys to the new ECU.

After hooking up the scan gauge type tool the auto electritian was able to read the ECU and low and behold, It throws a MAF error. Now, the keys weren't able to be coded because the data between the ECU and scan gauge kept dropping out and wouldn't reconnect (even after trying 2 different brand machines)

The auto electrician suggested checking the data wire?? (so the ECU can be read)

Seems there's a major short / break somewhere within the loom, any one had something similar happen?? I have a wiring diagram and the pinouts so I can track and test wires.

Anyone know of a simple solution to these 2 problems - the dreaded MAF error even after a new MAF (ECU reset on install) and issues with the ECU sharing it's data through the data port?


2000 Manual Patrol Wagon - ZD30
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